Textiles 105 x 105 cm

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My work is fundamentally inspired by the wonder of colour and texture within physical and human geography. The patina of rocks, mosses, lichens and weathered surfaces influence my experimental personality and are a constant force for developing new ideas and ways of working with paint, fabric, thread and stitch.

Each piece of work is totally unique and incorporates a number of techniques and mediums which will be worked on top of for several weeks and months. Processes include burning fabric with a heat gun, cutting out shapes and drawing using a soldering iron, painting onto multiple natural and synthetic fabrics whilst bringing them all together with machine embroidery.

All of my artworks are an exploration of scale and surface pattern using a careful consideration of layering to embody interesting colours and embedded textures which I believe makes them so fresh, energetic and intriguing to the viewer. You simply cannot resist getting closer and wanting to look at and feel them in more detail.