Dena O'Brien

Dena O’Brien specialises in photo stencil screen printing, creating vibrant and imaginative designs, which appeal to children and adults alike. She holds a BA (Hons) Degree at Falmouth College of Arts, as well as an MA at The Royal College of Arts and teaches printmaking at Truro College.

“I absorb information from child-hood memories and the environment. This could be anything from the shapes and textures of plants, buildings and animals, colourful front doors, to buckets and spades buried in the sand. The source material is recorded through drawings, photographs and notes about associated ideas, which are incorporated into a sketchbook. On returning to my studio I begin experimenting, playing with patterns, using the recorded information and computer simulated designs to develop my ideas. The completed product is then printed onto a variety of materials ranging from fabric to paper. I like to use bold, bright and playful patterns, and enjoy the element of surprise printmaking can bring to my work. There are always new and fresh ideas that are discovered along the way.”