Lotus Ring Silver Aquamarine size N


The Lotus Flower is symbolic of an opening of the soul, and in this ring, two opening Lotus petals are represented with beautiful pear-shaped aquamarine stones, gently leaning toward each other.

Materials: silver, two 4x3mm pear-shaped aquamarine stones.

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Victoria Walker specialises in fine, kinetic jewellery, her work is inspired by the beauty of natural forms. Using traditional techniques with precious metals and diamonds, every tiny detail is hand-formed and precisely engineered to create these beautiful impressions of the natural world.

The Lotus is symbolic of divine natural beauty and an opening of the soul. Often flowering in muddy waters, the crisp, clean petals of this flower are also said to represent purity, determination, and achievement. Such special meanings make the Lotus jewellery collection a perfect gift for a soul mate, or to celebrate a hard-earned achievement such as graduation or retirement.

Victoria works full time from her workshop in Princes House in the heart of Truro, Cornwall, UK.