Oula Conditioner


Lavender, patchouli and rosemary – natural and ethically sourced with organic ingredients. A signature part of any stay at the Scarlet, or the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa!

250 ml          Made in Cornwall

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We have created our own shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body moisturising blends that offer a little luxury spa magic for you to take home in a bottle. The textures and aromas of these blends do far more than just wash your hair – they bring you a little of the spa’s calm, relaxation, and rejuvenation when you’re back at home.

We named these blends ‘Oula’ because it’s the Cornish word for ‘owl’ and we wanted to acknowledge the wisdom and knowledge our therapists put into their creations. And while we’re obviously biased, we believe Oula is a very wise choice for anyone who cares about the environment and their health.

Our spa team went back to their aromatherapy roots and chose the following essential oils for their blends:

  • Lavender for soothing, healing and relaxing,
  • Rosemary for stimulating and restoring,
  • Patchouli for calming and grounding.

Each 250ml bottle packs a punch – you have to use far less of these blends than you would with synthetic shampoos, conditions and body washes. A small amount of Oula goes a long way! And remember that natural products like ours don’t froth and foam like synthetic ones, but they still clean deeply. Foam is a habit we are used to, but it’s not necessary for proper cleansing.

Oula products are:

  • Made from fully traceable, ethically-sourced ingredients,
  • Produced with minimal negative impact on the planet thanks to careful purchasing, ethically sourcing, minimal chemicals and packaging
  • Made from fairly traded ingredients so their production supports communities in helping themselves by providing a living wage and funding projects such as clean water wells, malaria research and AIDs research.
  • 100% natural (many products are able to say natural when only a small percentage of natural ingredients are used).
  • No added artificial/preservative nasties!
  • Fair trade and organic ingredients (all products are a minimum of 70%).
  • Small locally made batches allow for careful checking to maintain the quality


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