The Modern Larder with Steven Lamb


Wednesday 10th November 2021

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Wednesday 10th November 2021

This is a one-day practical course which highlights all of the methods for people wanting to start a meaningful food journey.

This course will get you making your own bacon, bread, butter and simple soft cheese as well as pickling or bottling the wild ingredients of the hedgerow. It will cover the artisan crafts of curing, smoking, fermentation and preserving and is designed to reflect the current Cornish season.

Curing and smoking expert Steven Lamb will introduce you to a set of methods and techniques that will allow you to take a fresh ingredient and turn it into something cured, smoked, fermented, pickled or brewed. By doing so, you will create classic larder ingredients such as bacon, hams, sourdough, crackers, sauerkraut, vinegars, wines and cheese that will inform many dishes later in the year. The Modern Larder course teaches artisan, traditional skills which have a relevance to the current day domestic cook. It will teach a set of principles that capture the best of ingredients at the height of their freshness and store them for a later date and on that journey those ingredients will mature, improve and ultimately become elevated versions of their former selves.

Food is always about more than the finished dish. Every ingredient is the culmination of a journey, of a series of happenings, decisions and interventions. While that’s true of pretty much everything we eat, there are certain foods that illustrate the principle particularly well, demonstrating how environment, terroir and technique can all alter the final result. Those foods include bread, wine, charcuterie, dairy products, pickles and preserves made from wild food such as hedgerow herbs and fruit.

Includes everything you need to create several delicious products to take home, and a simple lunch in the Wild Café.

You might also be interested in A Day of Simple Charcuterie & Smoking with Steven Lamb (Tuesday 9th August). Please see here for crafternoon and workshop terms and conditions.


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