The Art Club


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Thursday Art Club

Do you have a particular interest in making art? Feeling stuck or uninspired? A painter looking to develop or change your style? Want to learn new ways of seeing and doing? Improve your drawing?  Do you just want to be more creative and don’t know where to start? Then this informal weekly gathering may well be for you. We want you to think of this as an art social, a group discussion and a chance to meet and share ideas with like-minded people in a relaxed setting.


This is not a taught course as such but each session will be loosely themed to help spark discussion and get you making work in new ways or focus on a particular skill. The intention is for individuals to take away what they have learned in each session, reflect, experiment, make and share. The beauty of The Art Club is the ability for participants to pay per session, to dip in and out as needed.


As the sessions progress you will become more comfortable talking about your own work and the work of other artists and makers. You will gain a better understanding of the processes and techniques artists employ and be empowered to develop your own art with your own style.


The sessions are three hours long excluding a break for refreshments


materials and equipment provided

Sessions start at 6.30. 

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11/11/2021, 14/10/2021, 21/10/2021, 28/10/2021, 4/11/2021, 7/10/2021


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