A Day of Simple Charcuterie & Smoking with Steven Lamb


Tuesday 9th November 2021

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Tuesday 9th November 2021

Learn the simple and traditional craft of preserving meat and fish using two of the oldest ingredients known to us – salt and smoke.

In the simplest of terms curing and smoking is preserving and flavouring. However, it encompasses craft, tradition, science and sorcery. Anyone and everyone can and should be producing simple cured products as a matter of course because they offer so much value to the keen amateur cook. It will expand your knowledge of food and increase your repertoire of dishes as well as taking you on a journey of discovery touching on almost every corner of the Globe. It enables you to take good ingredients and turn them in to elevated versions of themselves applying minimum intervention.

On this practical course led by curing & smoking expert Steven Lamb, you will learn to make a range of cured and smoked products such as bacon, pancetta, bresaola, prosciutto and chorizo as well as hot and cold smoking techniques for fish, poultry and game. This instructive course should inspire and give confidence to anyone who is looking to learn a new culinary craft in their own domestic kitchen.

Includes everything you need to create several delicious products to take home, and a simple lunch in the Wild Café.

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