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Katrina and Terence Wagstaff live in Cornwall, and are inspired daily by the beauty around them.

Katrina trained as a furniture designer at the London College of Furniture, and loved the process of turned her ideas into three dimensional forms. It was there that she began to experiment with working in metal, soon coming to appreciate its versatility.

Terence Wagstaff wanted to be an artist as a child, but was persuaded by his parents to take a more traditional and secure route, becoming a tool and prototype maker for Rolls Royce Motors when he left school. His grounding in model-making and engineering has laid a solid foundation for his second career as an artist.

“I moved to Cornwall in 1982,” he says “and while lecturing in Engineering at a local college, met Katrina.”

“We realised we had a common interest, so began work designing and making various decorative metal products, slowly developing the more artistic side.”

“Over the past ten years I have developed as an artist, being able, at last, to merge my practical skills with my interest in art.”

The pair developed their copper torsos around the concept of falling leaves. The copper colours are produced during the heat treating and soldering processes, giving each piece its Autumnal feel.