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Roy Goodmans work is mainly influenced by landscape. He works in acrylic and mixed media on canvas or gesso board, Hard edge lines intertwine with expressionist brushstrokes and accidental textures, illustrating his scientific interest in the order which tries to make sense of our complex natural environment.

“I have always painted, since I was at primary school. I have never trained formally as an artist. I just taught myself on the job. I feel as though I am now just getting the hang of it.

I realise that although I have long been excited by painting in an expressionist way, I am becoming more and more drawn to the use of some level of order. Along with this goes a degree of classification of subject or texture or colour, which I suspect stems from my contact with the photographic movement of typology, and my increasing fascination with seeing patterns in the “normal” rather than the shock of the exceptional.

My painting has changed in recent years while I worked with a group of other artists at the Newlyn School of Art. I use more textures these days, and try to let my subconscious out of its cage, whilst keeping it on enough of a leash to produce a painting that means something to others.”