Evolved Landscape


Oil on Canvas

100 x 80 cm

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“There’s an intrinsic need in me to create that’s always been there,” says Cornish landscape painter Mike Hindle. “My work is about being conscious, being alive, and is driven by a search for balance.”

“The painting process is a search for meaning, a desire for a worthwhile existence. I want to live, to feel alive and leave something that speaks on an emotional level.

“Starting a painting is like standing on the edge of a cliff for a brief moment before falling. Energy builds, the mind speeds through ideas about composition, the placement of marks and colours. These thoughts spin and accelerate until a moment of clarity arrives, that is the cue for the canvas to receive its first mark.

“From that moment nothing else exists.

“These works come from years of living and working in South Cornwall. “I’m inspired by the coast and the landscapes that have evolved over time.

“Shapes that had been lost were found, and colours worked and reworked over and over again. The end result was unnoticeable at the outset, but arrived at through the work in progress, forming itself as I paint.”

Mike Hindle studied Fine Art at the West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham, Hampshire.  Since moving to Cornwall in 1992, he has worked full time as a painter and exhibits regularly.