A Shorthorn Name of Bjorn


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Jane Ormes is a printmaker and designer living and working in Bristol. Her limited edition screen prints combine her love of pattern and colour with her well-developed sense of the absurd. She unwittingly gives away cat hair, free of charge, with much of her work. She confesses to having accidentally glued her hands to her desk and for harbouring a small crush on Daniel Craig.
Jane produces playful, colourful images, often involving animals in absurd situations.

Born in Bromley in 1964, she graduated with a degree in surface pattern design, but now concentrates on producing whimsical and decorative limited edition prints.

Drawing, pattern and texture feature prominently in her work, as well as large areas of flat bold colour, which she achieves by the screen printing process.
She follows through on her designs’ visual humour with perfectly matched and consummately witty captions.

“My screen prints reflect my take on the world.
“I like to think that these creatures all have a secret life that we know nothing about.”

“I keep a notebook to jot down unusual names or lyrical phrases, as these can often lead to an idea, but it’s more likely that I will be inspired by a story or situation that tickles me.”