Annabel Walker Current


acrylic and gesso on poplar panel

53 x 31 x5 cm

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Annabel Walker is an abstract painter based in Bristol but with strong connections to North Cornwall, this is reflected in her work both with her mark making and colour palette.

Annabel studied Fine Art at the Bath School of Art and has been working as an artist assistant alongside her own practice for the last 3 years in Bristol. Having spent a lot of her life in Cornwall, it is a place that continues to inspire Annabel and has become a subconscious constant throughout her work. Colour is integral to her practice and she finds the colouring of the Cornish coastline a perfect palette in which to work from.

Her practice is largely focused on mark making, depth and layering. Experimenting with mediums in order to create an immersive, atmospheric quality that forces the viewer to question the marks and the placement of them.



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